GIRAF is an independent company with its core expertise in designing and implementing international multilateral projects in the field of research and education. The company’s portfolio includes consulting services to potential FP consortia, participation in the projects as management or dissemination / exploitation partner, training on EU funding modalities and participation capacity building. The company’s prime area of expertise is EU-funded programmes (FP4 – FP7, CIP, Tempus, Erasmus Mundus, EuropAid). It also provides support to bilateral projects, international projects funded by such national agencies as USIA, USAID etc. GIRAF’s staff has been involved in the management and coordination of more than 20 European projects and support actions starting from the 5th Framework Programme, more than 20 Tempus projects, and various other projects and tenders (e.g. eContentplus) etc. Last but not least, GIRAF’s expertise includes participation in projects launched within programmes supported by the International Bank of Reconstruction and Development (The World Bank). With regard to corresponding training, the staff of GIRAF developed and delivered more than 25 training workshops around the globe. The GIRAF training concept is based on the following four modules: (i) Proposal writing and funding opportunities; (ii) EU Project management (including financial management); (iii) IPR, Patenting and Licensing; (iv) Communication, negotiation and research ethics. Each module includes not only theoretical teaching sessions but also hands-on practical training sessions.

  • Preparation of training modules preparation and conduct of the 1st and 2nd Training event (WP3)
  • Mobility scheme methodological support (WP2) and support to SWOT analysis methodology development (WP1)
  • Support to CENS in coordination and management activities (WP4)

GIRAF (GIRAF PM Services GmbH, Germany)







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