University College Dublin (UCD) is the largest university inIreland and the national leader in research funding, attracting quality investment that has helped the university to establish a reputation as a destination of choice for leading researchers. It supports the full range of academic disciplines.  The international standing of UCD has increased rapidly in recent years and this is clearly reflected by its position of 94 in the prestigious Times Higher Education World University Ranking. This puts UCD in the top 5% of universities worldwide.

UCD Earth Sciences Institute (ESI) is unique inIreland. It brings together and consolidates some of the world’s most talented scientists, engineers, agronomists, economists, computer and computational scientists in a state-of-the-art building and technology platform to address the key environmental and energy challenges of our time. ESI has the range and depth of expertise to understand the relationships between energy, the environment, climate change and hazards; to relate science to policy, and support the challenge to meet our climate change and energy     obligations; and to inform the public and policy process. ESI comprises research clusters in:

  • Earth Systems: Climate Change, Water and Geo-hazards
  • Sustainable Bio-resources
  • Energy Supply: Renewable and Sustainable Energy
  • Emissions: Reduction and Control
  • Transport and Infrastructure

Economics and Policy Analysis

  • An exemplary twinning partner for CENS
  • Contribution to the Strategic Development Agenda
  • Leadership in scientific partnering, organization of the scientific workshop
  • Sharing the expertise with CENS via running a joint project (joint virtual laboratory)
  • Hosting study visits and fellows
  • Contribution to the project coordination and dissemination

University College Dublin, Earth Sciences Institute, (NUID UCD)

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