The Center for Ecological-Noosphere Studies is a state non-profit organization founded in 1989 and being independent since 1993 as a principal research organization engaged in fundamental and applied studies in the area of ecology and environmental protection.

  Today, 6 budget-supported research programs are in progress in the Ecocenter, which staff numbers 52 employees, 31 of them being researchers (3 Doctors of science and 17 PhDs).

  Multidisciplinary investigations performed in the Ecocenter are oriented to the complex assessment of ecological state of territories and development of scientific-and-methodical fundamentals of ecological expertise and optimization of natural resource management processes. The structure of the Ecocenter includes a number of problem-oriented laboratories and research teams dealing with: environmental geochemistry, biogeochemical cycles, biomonitoring, radioecology (primary data have systematically been collected since 1958), bioenergy, assessment and mapping of landscapes and natural resources, geopathogenic zones, GIS/Remote Sensing technologies in the field of environmental protection.

 The Ecocenter`s laboratories provide atomic-absorption, mass-spectrometric-gas-chromatographic, spectro-emission, spectro-photometric, radiometric, colorimetric, chemical, etc. methods of analysis. The Ecocenter is equipped with up-to-date devices including an atomic-absorption spectrometer (PerkinElmer AAnalyst-800), MS/GC (Thermo Electron Corp.) a spectrophotometer (Hach, Dr-2004), a gamma-spectrometer (Canberra), a water multi-analyzer (Horriba U-10), a radonometer RAD-7 (Durridge Comp.Inc.), Extractor (Starte E) etc., and disposes of a well-developed computer basis.

  • Overall project coordination and management, leadership in dissemination activities
  • Organization and implementation of the SWOT analysis and Strategic Development Agenda (WP1)
  • Key contribution to the research partnering and networking events (the workshop and summer school)
  • Hosting and facilitating the project training and coaching programmes
  • Overseeing mobility scheme

Center for Ecological-Noosphere Studies NAS RA

Ecocentre magazine 

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